Ktenon for unaccompainded bassoon

Ktenon for unaccompainded bassoon

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The new score for unnacompained bassoon has already been published by Cayambis Music Press – Latin American Classical Sheet Edition!

The title of this work, which means “dark night” in English, comes from the Aónikenk language (more generally known as Tehuelches) spoken by the indigenous people of Patagonia and the southern pampas regions of Argentina and Chile. It is intended to evoke an Aónikenk melody that is sung on cold, starless night along the foothills of Mount Fitz Roy (Cerro Chaltén) that is located on the border between Argentina and Chile.

Link: http://www.cayambismusicpress.com/federico-nunez-ktenon-p/cmp-1443.htm

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