Presagio de olvido – a new work published

Presagio de olvido – a new work published

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The new score for bassoon and piano has already been published by Cayambis Music Press – Latin American Classical Sheet Edition!

A certain omen at dawn, represented with a melancholy and warm melody that conveys a message in an almost repetitive way that aims to avoid imminent forgetfulness…

Presagio de olvido, composed with the young bassoonist in mind, presents a formal non-repositive structure based on the rhythm of a slow milonga that takes advantage of the syncopating characteristic known as “3-3-2” in reference to the way of grouping the brackets. The musical texture uses a rhythmic-melodic design featuring the bassoon in its sensitive register while the piano mostly monotonously accompanies the solo part. Then, it changes harmony and texture, however, retaining the melancholic atmosphere. Finally, the piano resorts to the initial monotonous accompaniment with an increase in texture and a widening of register, thus generating a crescendo with feeling at a pre-announced end.


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