Ul pun para Amelia

Ul pun para Amelia

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The new score for guitar has been published by Cayambis Music Press – Latin American Classical Sheet Edition.

The title of this work, Ül (song) pun (night) para Amelia (for Amelia), is a play on words taken from the indigenous Mapuche language of south-central Chile and southwestern Argentina that expresses a 21st century lullaby for a young girl named Amelia. Its use of pentatonic resources gives it a sonorous atmosphere that is allusive of an imaginary pre-Hispanic world. The coda contains a three-note re-imagination inspired in the song, Arroz con leche (Rice with milk), which is an anonymous children’s song that is very popular throughout Argentina.

Link: http://www.cayambismusicpress.com/federico-ul-pun-para-amelia-p/cmp-1330.htm

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