Xaltelx – a new work published

Xaltelx – a new work published

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The new score for trio for two clarinets and bass clarinet has already been published by Cayambis Music Press – Latin American Classical Sheet Edition!

Xáltelx is a work for young players that consists of five progressive movements that can be learned over the course of weeks or months as students become more proficient on their instrument. Furthermore, students can choose to perform individual movements—as these are prepared—or as many movements as desired.

Xáltelx and its five movement titles come from the language spoken by the Aónikenk people, who are an indigenous group that inhabits Patagonia in southern Argentina. The work seeks to imagine the members of this group in their daily activities and communications with each other. “Komuaen,” which means meeting in the Aónikenk language begins with a musical atmosphere; it is the community meeting. The second movement, “Koshon,” represents the word shout in that language. “Kaani” (dance) is a brief moment during the meeting and “Joiue” (story) tells the imaginary tale of a group of children. Finally, “Mas itainko,” simply means good bye, and if desired, as if to say “good bye” the players can repeat the last few measures of this movement.

Please, check it out the following link: https://www.cayambismusicpress.com/federico-xaltelx-p/cmp-1487.htm

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